Xip i Xop kindergarten hired me through Book a Street Artist to create a mural for their façade, as they found it too empty. They had some ideas in mind, they wanted a design gearing towards geometrical shapes, pastel colours and somewhat in a "cute style". After a few design exchanges we created one everyone was happy with...

Cikade shop wanted a mural to liven their patio, as they were planning to turn in into a beer garden. They wanted a view that their customers could relate to so we chose the same street the shop is located in. It's Kuldiga's main street, Liepajas iela.

Karosta Prison organized for the second year an art festival to commemorate 30 years of Latvian independence. This year my mural was at the northern fort. The idea was to reflect on how the city had changed in 30 years so I painted the local market.

Artrvl along The Freezer organized Hellissandur Street Art Festival to promote Iceland's Street Art Capital! I was booked to take part in the festival alongside other artists. We were given a wall in Hellissandur to paint on and the design had to be related to the island.

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