Mural for Kuldiga Street Art Festival (English)


Acrylic on a wall

Artrvl along with Kuldiga_ Mākslas & Tehnoloģiju centrs organized Kuldiga's first street art festival

We were asked to paint a mural related to the town or history of Kuldiga. As this was to be painted in a school (Kuldīga's 2.Vidusskola), I wanted to paint something everyone could recognize and connect to. I was also working with the concept of "delocation", which takes a place and inserts it in a different location. I painted Kuldīga's old market square and I painted it with bright colours so it would bring joy and warmth to the kids during recess when Latvia became cold and dark in winter. I also tried to give it a "fairy tale aesthetic" because it was placed at a school.

Kuldiga_ Mākslas & Tehnoloģiju centrs