Mural for Hellissandur Street Art Festival (Iceland, June 2019) 

Acrylic on a wall

Artrvl along The Freezer organized Hellissandur Street Art Festival to promote Iceland's Street Art Capital! I was booked to take part in the festival alongside other artists. We were given a wall in Hellissandur to paint on and the design had to be related to the island.

Mural for Karosta Art Festival (Latvia, June 2019) 

Acrylic on a wall

Artrvl alongside Karosta Glabsanas Biedriba in Liepaja, Latvia, flew us over to create Karosta Art Festival. To commemorate 100 years of Latvia's Independence War we painted inside the tunnels of an old soviet naval fort.

Mural for Olive Grove Resort (Greece, April 2019)

Acrylic on a wall

I flew over to Olive Grove Resort in Corfu to paint some murals in their rooms. The concept was Life in the island. The first day we drove around the island to take some photos and I used them as a reference. The project was coordinated with Artrvl.

One of the murals I painted is a hidden beach in Kavos and the cliffs surrounding the area.

Live Painting show at VI Young Talent Award of Valencia gala (Spain, February 2019)

Acrylic and ink on canvas

Levante TV station hosted the VI Young Talent Award of Valencia gala and invited me to paint live during the one hour show along with musicians, dancers and the hosts of the gala.

Poster for Indultada Brewing Co. (Spain, September 2018)

Acrylic and digital retouching (Photoshop CS6)

Indultada approached me with a pictorial concept in mind, as they wanted to part from the traditional graphic design poster. Indultada beer is available in many restaurants in Valencia, Spain.


Live painting session for Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland, July 2018) 

Acrylic and ink on canvas (190cm x 190cm)

Live painting at Blue Balls Festival, a music and art festival held every summer in Luzern, Switzerland, with 120 events and an audience of 100.000 fans. Blue Balls Festival booked me to create an art piece in two hours on one of the stages of the complex.

Skateboard design for Book a Street Artist (Germany, April 2018)  

Acrylic and digital retouching (Photoshop CS6)

Berlin-based Book a Street Artist agency had a painting request from a client that was looking for an artist who could create a native girl design to be placed on a skateboard. I was chosen to carry out the task and cannot be happier with the result.

Portraits for Muxmäuschenwild (Germany, March 2018)  

Acrylic and ink on paper (14,8cm x 21cm)

Muxmäuschenwild required twenty small individual gifts and I was happy to create a very colourful and personal portrait for each and everyone of the gifted.

Editorial and publishing house work (Global 2018)   

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