A lovely girl from Liepāja, Elīna Vārna, is writing her bachelor thesis on my art. Through our latest conversations we got to a wonderful conclusion about why I paint ielas (streets in Latvian) in this artistic period I'm in. In Tallinn, where I spent part of 2019 to 2021, the pandemic and movement restrictions forced me to paint...

My art agency Scarlett Entertainment contacted me for a booking. One of their client firms was looking for a live painter to perform at an anniversary gala in Frankfurt. They wanted a depiction of Frankfurt's skyline to be performed live at the event.

I was given a cell at an old militar prison (Karosta prison) and the opportunity to transform it. The premise was the following, who would the prisoner think of in isolation? I put myself in their shoes and these were the first four friends that came to mind.

During Cooldiga Street Art Festival I was invited to host a portrait workshop. We wanted to involve locals in the art activities going on in the city that week and approach the artistic practice to them. The workshop was open to 10 people but had to be expanded to 15. 12 people showed up in the end and the intended 1h 30min stretched to 2h 30min....

Venta Bridge, Kuldiga's most famous landmark, viewed by two white wagtail, Latvia's national bird. From the 13th to the 19th of September, the Latvian city of Kuldiga hosted a street art festival with artists of different countries.

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