Exhibition at Parallax Art Fair, London


I flew to London to exhibit my watercolours at Kensington Town Hall, as part of Parallax Art Fair

It was my third time at Parallax Art Fair and every time I exhibit I become a better artist. Here are a few of my learnings:

The first time I learnt that I owed it to myself renting a bigger space even if it meant more money. If I wanted to be a serious artist I should first show it to myself. 

The second time I learnt that presentation is important. People that are not artist don't always know how to see the potential of an artwork, so it is our duty as artists to facilitate this through framing and presentation. It, once again, communicates professionalism about your business. 

This third time I learnt that after COVID the world wants to feel alive again, so go bigger, vibrant... Not contained. Explosion of color. Even if it means less number of paintings to exhibit, but a few larger ones to cover the surfaces. Acrylic it is for next time.

The sketchbook was a success. The current Contemporary trend is about occupying space and 3D objects. It would be unwise to ignore that. The way my art fits in is through framing my sketchbook and let people have a tactile experience of having it in their hands, getting it on and off the frame and flip through it.