Solo exhibition at Karosta Prison


A lovely girl from Liepāja, Elīna Vārna, is writing her bachelor thesis on my art. Through our latest conversations we got to a wonderful conclusion about why I paint ielas (streets in Latvian) in this artistic period I'm in. In Tallinn, where I spent part of 2019 to 2021, the pandemic and movement restrictions forced me to paint what was inside my apartment (still lives, my kitchen, my window view with the bottles). It forced me (and all of us) to look at what was inside of our homes and find in it subjects of art. 

As a natural development and a natural reaction, once the pandemic was over I was obssesed with what was outside my home. I moved to Liepāja in October 2021 and was eager to See (yes, with capital S). Now that I've seen new landscapes and scenarios, the natural progression is to insert people in them. Therefore, soon gravitating back to portraits. What a wonderful full circle, as portraits were what launched my painting career 

I spent hours walking around to discover the picturesque corners this city had and making them my own through this body of work

The paintings will be on display all summer at Karosta Prison.