The Seven Ladies: The Plan

Clara Cabrera


When young Esmeralda Cabasso - Es to her friends - boards the train heading for SpringStorm Academy to learn spells and magic, she befriends some of her new classmates who are not exactly from this Earth. Some are even elves!

The friends soon become the Seven Ladies, intent on teaching the school bully a lesson as well as causing mayhem throughout the academy.

But there is one other thing - why do the staff insist on calling her by another surname? Are they trying to tell her something?
When Es discovers the truth, her world is thrown into turmoil, and that's not a good state to be in when she has to stop a war from raging across the Four Earths...

Vanguard press           Publication date:        30/07/2020 | ISBN:      9781784658472 | Pages:     327

A visual artist and writer, Clara Cabrera graduated in Fine Arts in 2015 from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. She has participated in exhibitions around the world and performed live painting shows in Europe. She loves anything creative and enjoys trying out new things; painting, books, songs, languages. She also loves to travel and says, "There is nothing I enjoy more than jumping on a plane and landing somewhere else. The unknown can be so inspiring! My world is a vortex of all of that." 

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