"PARALLAX ART FAIR" Kensington Town Hall, London, United Kingdom (2 - 4 Feb 2018)

"PARALLAX ART FAIR" Chelsea Town Hall, London, United Kingdom (20 - 23 Oct 2017)

"A CHANCE MEETING" Noorus Galerii, Tartu, Estonia (9 - 27 May 2017)

"BIG GALLERY", National Library, Singapore (May - June 2016)

"POP-UP STORE", UNAMO design studio, Valencia, Spain (18, 19, 20 Dic 2015)

"COL:LECTIU CENTRAL", La Llotgeta, Valencia, Spain (23 April - 28 May 2015)

 "ARTE Y CONVIVENCIA", History Museum, Valencia, Valencia, Spain (16 Dic - 11 Jan 2015) 

,,AJA TEGEMINE", Jõhvi Kontserdimajas, Jõhvi, Estonia (6-30 Nov 2014) 

"ARTS CONNECTION" Museum 'del Vetro de Murano', Venice, Italy. (3, 4, 5 Oct 2014)

"REAALAEG" Pärnu Linnagalerii Kunstnike Majas, Nikolai 27, Pärnu, Estonia ( 21 May - 7 June 2014) 

"AGA TEGEMINE" Galleria Emil, Tampere, Finland (March 2014)  

"TARTU KRUIIS", Noorus Galerii, Tartu, Estonia (4- 19 April 2014). 

"CRISIS Y UNICORNIOS", LaSalita, Gijón, Asturias, Spain (March-May 2014). Selected from open call. 

"ÜLEDOOS", Jakobi Galerii, Tartu, Estonia. (Dic 2013-Jan 2014)



"IDENTIDADES RETRATADAS", Cerati Café, Valencia, Spain (8 - 28 Oct 2015)

"SER Y PARECER", UNAMO design studio, Valencia, Spain (28 May - 28 June 2015)

"LOS AUTORES" , Ubik Café, Valencia, Spain (13-28 Feb 2015)

"BUTTERFLIES UNDER THE BRIDGE", Cerati Café, Valencia, Spain (4 - 28 Oct 2014)


PANTA issue nº9. June 2016. My painting "Jandro" is featured on page 1 of ths German art and design magazine. PANTA is the online magazine of Book a Street Artist, a German based agency that belives art is not always found inside a gallery and who takes a brave stand in favour of street art.

FLAMANTES II. March 2016. My paintings "Enrique" and "The fitting" along a short biogrpahy of me have been featured in "Flamantes" pages; a book that gathers the art work of promising under-35 years old Spanish artist.