Valencia, 10 June 1991

Clara has always focused on plastic and creative activities, disciplines she is able to develop thanks to her passion for literature and her musical, artistic and language knowledge.

Photo: Yanire Ferández - Espacio de Luz


I have my studio in Aachen since 2016

I'm in love with life, I love trying out new things; drawings, paintings, books, songs, music, languages. Airplanes and airports have been an important part of my life these past few years (yaay to cheap flights!) There is nothing in the world that I like more than taking a plane and landing wherever; the unkown is so inspiring! My world is a vortex of all of that. Life can be so interesting!

My real passsion is illustrating books. I understand the need of recreating the narrative without words in order to create richer and more engaging illustrations. As an illustrator I also work with animation and GIFs.

I complement my work with my literary and artistic activities. I go to schools in my free time to talk with students about what being a writer and an artist is, though I always dream away and end up giving motivational talks. So I start my days full on positivism and caffeine to make it through.